Our goal is to develop and maintain a strong working relationship with each of our customers. This has been accomplished by listening and responding to the needs of our customers. An enthusiastic management team and a highly skilled and dedicated work force enable us to maintain superior quality, competitive pricing, and the finest service.

The task of quality testing is done on most stringent quality testing equipment within our own production facility.

Our Quality Policy

Sterling Precision is committed to continually improve all processes to achieve customer satisfaction. This will be achieved by providing Good Quality of product, On-Time Delivery, Improving the competence of people & Optimizing Process Effectiveness and Efficiency.

Quality Objectives

1. Strive to achieve zero defects at Process, Final Inspection to ensure zero Customer Returns.
2. Achieve customer satisfaction by meeting their expectations
3. To provide 100% on time delivery as per customer requirements.
4. Enhance competence of people at all levels by providing training and taking other actions. 
5. Improve the process effectiveness and efficiencies for all key and support processes.
6. To develop new products and provide first time right product, in line with customer requirements.
7. Enhance the Quality of life of all employees by providing career growth.  

Our Quality Infrastructure

We also use the following quality equipments to maintain our standards and services:
• Wide variety of Vernier calipers and Micrometers
• Dial Indicators (Plunger and Puppy dial)
• Bench Center
• Dial Bore Gauges
• Digital Air Gauge Units
• Slip Gauge box (87 Pieces)
• Thread Plug Gauges, Thread Ring Gauges, Gauge Pins, Runout Taper Mandrels, etc

Quality Planning

We have a well equipped, temperature-controlled, quality assurance room with a wide variety of micrometers, digital measuring equipment, thread gauges, slip gauges, etc.

Quality planning is computer generated as a part of production planning and includes first part inspection sheets as well as patrol inspection.

Final inspection reports contain sample quantities and high/low limits for every dimension based on the tolerance and reliability of the machine used to perform each operation.

We are constantly searching for better technology and methods to help reduce costs, improve quality and reduce turnaround times.

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